Simple RESTful server that functions as a chat app

travis license



Method Path Payload Description
GET /users Get all users
POST /users {"name": <name>} Create a user
GET /users/{user_id} Get a specific user
PUT /users/{user_id} {"name": <name>} Update a specific user
DELETE /users/{user_id} Delete a specific user
GET /users/{user_id}/inbox Get a specific user’s incoming messages
GET /users/{user_id}/sent Get a specific user’s outgoing messages
GET /messages Get all messages
POST /messages {"sender_id": <sender_id>, "receiver_id": <receiver_id>, "content": <content>} Create a message
GET /messages/{message_id} Get a specific message
PUT /messages/{message_id} any of: {"sender_id": <sender_id>, "receiver_id": <receiver_id>, "content": <content>} Update a specific message
DELETE /messages/{message_id} Delete a specific message
GET /messages/conversation?userA_id=<id>&userB_id=<id> Get all messages between users A and B


MIT © Napoleon-Christos Oikonomou